12+ Things to Buy From Amazon Before Your Disney World Vacation


I love Amazon because you can find almost anything that you need. Since I am a Prime member, I get my orders in two days and sometimes the next day. How wonderful is that! I personally think that the Prime membership is completely worth it.

I’ve listed 12+ products that I things you should really consider purchasing from Amazon before your Disney World vacation. These essential products will help your vacation run smoother.

Sunscreen Lotion It is important to wear sunscreen when you are in Florida. You can easily get burnt. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion SPF 100+ is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen. It offers the highest combined UVA/UVB protection. It goes on completely dry. You can’t feel it at all.  You don’t feel like there’s oil on your skin clogging your pores. When you sweat, you don’t feel it dripping down your face as with other sunscreens.

Sunscreen for Kids – Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids Sunscreen Stick SPF 70+ is specially formulated to work on wet skin. It glides on smoothly for a hands-free, no-mess application, making applying sunscreen quick and easy. When walking around Disney World, kids tend to get sweaty. This product is great because it will go on wet skin even sweaty skin. I like to apply this on my childrens faces. It does feel a bit oily on the skin.

Hand Sanitizer – Disney World is a clean park. However, there are thousands of people who visit the parks each day. This hand sanitizer is small and discreet. Comes with a sturdy clip that fits securely on my backpack and to almost anything. The citrus scent is pleasant and not overwhelming. I highly recommend this.

Brita Sports Water Bottle – This was a genius move on my husband’s part in getting the Brita Sports Water Bottles. I know we can get free water at the beverage stands. However, when we are in line, my kids get thirsty. My husband brought a Brita Sports Water Bottle. It has a filter right in the bottle. The free water that Disney gives you is tap water.Florida tap water tastes horrible. You can go ask for a free cup of water, pour it into the Brita water bottle and out into the cup. It tastes just like bottle water. After we drink our water, we refill the bottles and save it for later.

Large Carabiner – Are you traveling with a small child? If you are, you will be bringing or renting a stroller. Get organized by hooking up the carabiner to the stroller. You can hook it up to the stroller and then attach your camera, park bag, diaper bag and even the resort refillable mugs. When you clip it off the stroller you can still keep everything else attached to it. The soft grip makes it easy to carry. This is so convenient.

Frogg Toggs Chilly Cooling Towel – If you have not tried a Frogg Toggs Chilly Cooling Towel, then you will thank me when you do. It is an amazing towel. It cools you off as water evaporates to help relieve some of the heat. It can also absorb water and it dries you up. The best part is that it is that it’s machine washable. So you can use it again the next day. You can cut into any shape for customization but I haven’t done that. It also comes with a storage container to keep it moist and ready to use. You can store this in your resort room refrigerator. 

When you are at the Walt Disney Parks, you will see the Frosty Towels for sale. It is usually about $7.50- $8.00. They keep it on ice next to the water and soft drinks. You can finds this a bit cheaper on Amazon and you can keep it in your resort room freezer.

Ponchos– It tends to rain sporadically in Florida. It is better to be prepared. Even though Disney World does sell ponchos in adult and children size. However, it is heavyweight and expensive. This 10 pack of ponchos is lightweight, compact, waterproof and latex free. It measures 50″ Wide by 40″ tall. Since it is lightweight, it is defiantly a one time use. It is so inexpensive that you can throw it out once you are done with it and you don’t have to carry it around.

TIP: If you don’t have a stroller cover, you can cut a poncho and drape it over your stroller to protect it from getting wet.

If you want a smaller pack, try the 4 pack of ponchos. These are inexpensive and worth the money. It tends to rain sporadically in Florida. It is better to be prepared. Even though Disney World does sell ponchos, they are expensive.These are so cost effective that you can though them out after you’re done with it.

Portable Battery Charger – I bought two different types of portable battery chargers. I needed a compact charger that I can stick in my pockets and not worry about it falling out. The Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger is an awesome little charger. This is great when I need a charge while walking around Disney. I depend on the My Disney Experience app while I am at Disney World. So after using my phone almost the whole day, I need to charge it. This is where the portable battery charger comes in handy. I can put my phone and battery in my pocket. It comes with a fabric case in which I can put my charging cord.

Foldable Blanket This outdoor blanket is 66” x 55” made from soft and lightweight waterproof material. This blanket is ideal for outdoor activities like sitting on the floor or grass when you are reserving your spot for the parade or fireworks. No need to worry if the ground is wet because the blanket is waterproof. It folds up compact and it comes with a pouch and carabiner. You can hook it up to you backpack or purse.

ID Tattoos for Children – Disney World is a safe place but children tend to walk away from their parents. It is important to just be prepared if that does happen. Temporary tattoos are a great option for children who don’t like to have bands on. These tattoos are waterproof, it’s ok for sensitive skin and it last up to 2 weeks. Some tattoos have vibrant colors and a place where you can write down your contact information. Learn more on how to keep your child safe.

First Aid Kit – It is important to have some type of first aid kit when you are traveling.  Disney World has an excellent first aid. But what if your child gets a scrap? It’s easier to use your first aid kit. I usually have a mini first aid kit in the car and in my theme backpack. This one is small and lightweight. 

Retractable Sharpie– Are you planning on getting character autographs? Skip the pens and get retractable Sharpies. I love retractable Sharpies. You don’t fuss with pen cap. The tip retracts easily. The Disney Princesses and characters really like them too. You will see that it will work nicely during the meet and greets. They also come in handy if you need to write your contact information on safety tattoos, on MagicBand, in back of the Celebration button and so on.


Glow Sticks – Since we are a big family, I am always looking for a way to save money. My kids love the light up toys that Disney sells at night but it is very expensive when I have to buy one for each one of my children. So, I started buying them glow in the dark necklaces and bracelets on Amazon. My children love to wear glow sticks at night. I have bought glow sticks from Michael’s and Target. However, the Amazon glow sticks tend to last a little longer. 

LED Finger Lights – These are great for older kids. They are awesome to wear at night. It is very bright. My children love it.

Keeping the Children Entertained

It is tough standing in long lines with children. They can become fussy. I have four children and we have been to amusement parks, museums, zoos and Disney. I have learned through the years to keep my four children entertained while we are waiting in line.

My husband and I are pros at keeping our children entertained. It’s all about keep the child happy, distracted and entertained while waiting in line. A few of my favorites things to keep my children busy while waiting in line:

Fart Putty – What child does not like fart noises? I am even entrained by this toy. It’s goop in a plastic container. When you squish it down it makes fart noises. It is very entertaining. People will turn around and look to see where that noise came from but they will quickly realize that it’s a toy. I really like this one because it is small and it comes with a clip, making it easy to hang from a backpack or purse.

Bubbles – Bubbles! WHat child does not like bubbles? This is a great thing to keep your child distracted in line. I like the long skinny bubble wands. But the smaller ones work just fine.


Mazes – These mazes are fun and it can keep a child entertained. My kids really like it. They are also lightweight and it will not take up too much space in your bag.


Tic Tac Toe – These are a lot of fun. We play with the kids while we wait on line. I like to put the tic tac toe puzzle in a Ziplock bag to ensure that we keep all the pieces safe.




Yo-yo – These are squishy yo-yos. It is easy to use. If it gets dirty, you just have to run it under water. I also keep these in a Ziplock bag so it doesn’t stick to things or get dirty.


Wiki Stix – Wiki Stix are waxy sticks that kids can play with without making a mess. It really keeps kids entertained.


What NOT to buy from Amazon

You can find almost anything on Amazon. Amazon’s prices are sometimes significantly lower than other competitor’s prices. However, Amazon is not always the cheapest place to buy everything. Here is my list of what NOT to buy on Amazon for Disney.

What are your thoughts?

Let me know if I missed anything. Have you tried any of these products listed above? What are your must have Disney World products? We really appreciate our reader’s feedback and comments. Please share in the comments!


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