Lost at Disney World – 12 Safety Tips Every Parent Should Know


Have you ever lost your child at Disney World? How can you keep your child safe? It is every parent’s nightmare when they realize that they have lost their child. Thousands of people visit Walt Disney World every day. Children do get separated from their parents. I have list ways to prepare if your child gets lost at Disney and what to do.

 Some children are too young to remember phone numbers or don’t know what to do if they become separated from their parent. What can you do in that situation? What can you do in that situation? First, seek the nearest Cast Member and tell them that you lost your child. The Cast Member will notify other Cast Members and they will be on the lookout for your child. When a Cast Member finds your child, they will escort them to the Baby Care Center. Once there, the child will be looked after until you, the parent, comes to claim your child.

What happens when a child gets lost?

Parents should notice a Cast Member as soon as they noticed that their child is lost. Cast Members are trained for this type of situations.

Once you inform the Cast Member of your lost child:

  1. The Cast Member will ask you for your child’s name, age and a description of what they are wearing.
  2. The Cast Member will make a call to notify the security team that a child is lost.
  3. Cast Members will be on the look out for the lost child.
  4. Once a child is found, a Cast Member will take the child to the designate “Lost Child Reunion Room.” This area is an inviting place with Disney Movies and trained Cast Members to help your child be calm and safe.
  5. Once the child and parent have been found, a Cast Member will escort the parent to the Lost Child area. Parents might be asked to show identification to prove that you are the parent.

Lost Child Reunion Locations

At the Magic Kingdom, lost children are taken to the First Aid center near right off Main Street. At Epcot, lost children are taken to the Baby Services near the Odyssey Center and Test Track. At the Hollywood Studios,  lost children can be found at Guest Relations at the entrance. In Animal Kingdom, lost children are taken to the  Baby Center on Discovery Island.


cameraA tip to make finding your child a bit easier is to take a picture of your child at the beginning of you trip on your phone. This way you have a recent picture of your child that you can show the Cast Member in case you lose your child.


12 Tips to keep your child safe

while at Walt Disney World

1. I.D. Bracelet

If your child is too young to remember a phone number, try getting them an I.D. bracelet. I.D. Bracelets are one of the easiest ways to have your contact information on your child. There are some options when buy an I.D. bracelet.


Infoband Child Safety ID Wristband

Infoband Child Safety ID Wristband helps children who wonders of or gets lost to reunite with their parents. You can write your phone number and contact information on the bands.


Vital ID/Safety Alert Wristband Bracelet

Vital ID/Safety alert wristband bracelet is adjustable velcro, waterproof and washable. It has 2 inserts that you can write your contact information. This is the one that I have used before.

2. Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos are a great option for children who don’t like to have bands on. Some tattoos will have vibrant colors and a place where you can write down your contact information. Just make sure to place the tattoo is a visible spot.


Safetytat is a bright temporary tattoo that comes with a blank space so that you can write down your contact information.

3. MagicBand

Forgot to buy an I.D. bracelet or a temporary tattoo?

Bring a Sharpie with you and write down your phone number in the inside of your child’s MagicBand. Or you can write your phone number on the outside of the band and put clear nail polish over it to protect the writing.


4. Dog Tag

I have seen this great idea on children at the theme parks. Attach a dog tag on the shoe with your contact information. The dog tag is perfect because it has a metal ring that you can easily loop through a shoelace. It is durable and you can get one within minutes. Believe it or not in Epcot, in the Land Pavilion, there is a machine where you can make a dog tag.

Smart Finder GPS Locator
You can use this small tag device and download the app on your phone. This is used to find your keys dog and even your child. You can get a ring or a zip tie and put it on the our side of your child’s shoe ( like the laces). This can come in handy if you do lose your child at Disney.

5. Disney Celebration Button

Get a celebrating button and write down your phone number in back of the button.


6. Bright Handkerchief/Bandana

Tie a bright handkerchief/bandana to a stroller and/backpack so that your child can easily spot it if they get lost.

7. Wear Bright Colored Shirts

The brighter and more obnoxious the color the better. This will allow you to spot your child easily amongst the crowds.

8. Safety Harness with Leash

My mom used to use a wrist leash on my sister, age 2, when we went to Disney. She was a very quick child and loved to run. However, my sister was Houdini. She would take the wrist leash off. I think that the harness would have been better but I don’t know if that was around back then. I have seen some people look at parents weird when they see a child with a harness. But when you have a future Usain Bolt, you need to do what you can to keep them close and safe.

Anti-Lost Wrist Link

These are great to help prevent your child from getting too far away from you. This works like the harness but it is just linked at the wrist. They are padded to protect the skin from getting irritated.

9. Find a Cast Member


cast member tag

Before going to the parks, have a talk with your child. Let them know that if they get lost to find a Cast Member and tell them that they lost their parents. Have them point out who is a Cast member and how to identify them. You should tell your child to look for their name tag. Also point out that all the Cast Member’s name tag look the same. Show your child where you can locate a Cast Member (restaurants, shops, stands, attraction, ect.) This is a very useful tip. We did this during our trips and I did lose one of my children at Disney. Because we had trained our kids to spot and go to a Cast Member if they ever got lost, my daughter knew exactly what to do.


Tweens & Teens (Older Children)

10. Meeting Location

If you have an older child, discuss a meeting location in the event that they get separated. Be specific and visit the spot so they can see exactly where to meet.

11. Cell Phone

If your child is old enough to have a cell phone, then this is a great device to use in case they get lost (hoping that there isn’t a dead zone or a dead phone). A simple phone call will help you be reunited quickly. If using an iPhone, download and use the “Find Friends App.” This app will help you see where you and your child are on a map.

12. Walkie-Talkies

I have seen a few families use walkie-talkies to communicate with each other. Just remember to keep spare batteries in your park bag.


When you are reunited with your child, don’t punish or get mad at them. This is a frightening experience for them as well. Make this a teachable moment. Talk to them about what they can do next time if they get lost. If your child went to a Cast Member for help, applaud them for doing a good job and finding help. I know that it is extremely difficult to shake off being scared half to death and the horrible feeling that you lost your child. However, after the most frightening experience of your life, try to enjoy the rest of your day.

Renting a Stroller

Plan ahead of time before heading out to Disney if you are going to rent a stroller. You will do a lot of walking at Disney. Your child will get tired and will need breaks. I have a list of possible stroller rental companies below.

10 Tips When Using a Stroller at Disney

A trip to Disney means that you will be doing a lot of walking. If you have small children, having a stroller is a must. Children get tired very easily when they have to walk a lot and especially in the hot weather. Here are 10 tips when using a stroller at Disney that can make visiting the parks with a stroller a bit easier.

What are your thoughts?

What preventative measures do you take? Have you ever lost your child at Disney? What did you do? Please share with others what you know so that they know. We really appreciate our reader’s feedback and comments. Please share in the comments!


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