Step 10 Plan Your Exit


I don’t like the feeling of the last day at Walt Disney World. Sadness starts to set in. The magic will soon be over and then you will have an enormous credit card bill from your vacation. Then shortly you will be at your job and into the routine of everyday life. I am here to help you plan your exit. Plan your exit in order to get some extra Disney time.

I try to make the best out of the last day at Walt Disney World. My advice to you is to plan your exit by packing the night before. I know this sounds crazy but this allows you to have a little bit of extra time to eat at a Disney World restaurant or to take the kids to the pool or to the parks. This little time will end your vacation with a little extra magic. I am the kind of person who likes to take advantage of every second possible and use it.

Character dining is one of the easiest ways to meet and greet Disney princesses and characters without having to wait in line. Plus you get to enjoy a meal. Just make sure to have your phone, camera and autograph books ready!

Use Express Checkout

If you are staying on Walt Disney World property, make sure to use express checkout. During check in, you can chose to put a credit card on file for anything you charge to your room. On the morning of your departure, the resort will email you an itemized bill. There’s no need to stop by the front desk to check out, unless you have questions about your bill. I always use express checkout. I love it. It is so convenient. I avoid spending time at checkout and any lines at the front desk.

Pack All Your Bags Ahead of Time

Plan your exit two or three days before the end of our vacation. I start to pack the bags with clothes and other things that we will not need for the rest of the vacation. This will minimize the packing time the day before and the day of checkout. The night before, after a long day at the park, my husband and I pack up the rest of the luggage. Since we travel by car, we get all of our luggage in the car and get things ready for our exit. We leave a small duffle bag to pack the last minute items. Then in the morning we pack everything else and drop of the duffle bag in the car. After that, we head off to our last Walt Disney World breakfast.


Resort Room Checkout Checklist

Having a family of 6 with two rooms can be a little difficult to keep track of personal items. I use a checklist to help me check the room before we checkout of the resort. Before I leave on vacation, I print out my checklist. On the day that we leave, I give my children a printout with a pen. I have them check the entire room and then check off in the places they already looked. They all look forward in helping me check the room for personal items that we may have left behind if we did not check. It is like a game for them. This checklist has helped us recover items that we might have left.

Get the Resort Room Checkout Checklist

Souvenirs Check List

You are visiting the most magical place on Earth. Don’t forget to bring a little piece of the magic home for yourself and others or you just might not hear the end of it. There is always something for someone at Walt Disney World. It is a good idea to keep a list of who you need to bring something back for. This will help you keep track of what you need to get without leaving someone out.

Get the Disney Souvenirs Planning Sheet

Bounce Back Offer

The bounce back offer is usually the paperwork that is left in your room on top of the table, nightstand or next to the tv. If it isn’t or you cannot find it, you can call extension 8844 from your Disney Resort hotel room. Keep in mind that the offer must be booked before checking out from your current trip. If you are not sure if you are coming back to Disney next year, book it just incase. The offer that Disney entices guests with are pretty good. If you change your mind, you can cancel your package reservation made with the Walt Disney Travel Company without penalty up until 31 days in advance of your trip. Read more about Bounce Back Offers.

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