Step 3 Sign in or Create a My Disney Experience Account


My Disney Experience is your vacation at your fingertips. You can create an account online and download the app right onto your phone. With My Disney Experience you can plan and manage your vacation. You can view your itinerary including your dining reservations, tickets, FastPass+, manage your MagicBands, passes and special event tickets, and much more.  You can also link all your park tickets and dining reservations all in one location.  It is so convenient to have everything together. If you already have a Disney online account, scroll down the page for information on how to access your itinerary, view your reservations and share your plans with family and friend.

How to Create a My Disney Experience Account

You can also customize your MagicBands on My Disney Experience. Your MagicBand will also have all tickets  that appear in My Disney Experience. Now lets create one!

Step 1. Get your tablet, computer, IPad, laptop and/or smartphone (you can use all of it at the same time… just kidding. Don’t do that.)

Step 2. Open up your web browser and type:

A page like this will open up. It changes between 4 different promotions. So no need to worry that you don’t get the feared dark warrior Kylo Ren.

My Disney Experience - How to create a My Disney Experience account

Step 3. At the top bar, to the right, you will see a tab that says My Disney Experience. Hover the link and you will see a drop down menu.

Step 4. Click Create an Account.

My Disney Experience Create an Account

Step 5. Now you will be asked to setup your My Disney Experience Account.

It will ask you for your email address and to create a password for your new account. I personally recommend that you use an email address you normally use. When you book your resort or dining reservation, it will send a confirmation email with your reservation number. That’s something good to have handy.

Setup My Disney Experience Account

The next section you will fill out is About Me, Contact Information and Security Question. The last thing you will do is the Confirm Your Registration. Read the Disney Park Experience Terms and Conditions, if you agree, mark the check box. Then finally click “Create Account.”

Congratulations! You now have a My Disney Experience account!


Personalizing My Disney Experience

Step 1. It was that easy to create a My Disney Experience Account! Let’s get started. Click on the green “Get Started” button.

This is the fun part! You get to pick that character that you want for your account. I love this part.

Step 2. Now you get a personalized welcome. Click the green “Get Started” green button.

My Disney Experience Account – Get Started Personalized

Step 3. Now it will ask you if you have a Disney World Resort hotel reservation. If you do not have one, click no and if you do, click yes. If you have your reservations already because you booked your trip online or had a travel agent book everything for you, click the link at the bottom left “Skip to My Planning Page.”

If you clicked “Yes” then you will see

My Disney Experience – Hotel Reservation Yes

Then click “Link Reservation.” It will bring you to this page:

Hotel Reservation Linking

You will see your tickets and resort reservation. At 180 days before your vacation, you can making dining reservations. You can either call Disney Dining or use My Disney Experience to make all of your dining reservations. At 60 days, you can make you FastPass+ using My Disney Experience.

If you clicked No you will see this message. Click the green button “Next.”

sadsadsdsdasdasdaddsdasdsadNo Hotel Reservation

No Hotel Reservation

Step 4. Next, it will ask you if you are making plans with anyone, including your family.

Making plans with anyone, including your family?

If you click Yes, then you will see:

Making plans with anyone, including your family? YES!

If you click the first choice, meaning that you will manage the profile and all the plans for everyone, then you will be prompted to add your name and age.

asdasdsadasdsadsdI will take care of all the Disney planning!

I will take care of all the Disney planning!

If you choose the second choice stating that you will connect with someone else and share plans together. This mean that whoever you share with, they will see all the reservations and tickets on your account. I actually like to share my plans with my family when we are traveling together. That way when we are in the parks, they can pull up My Disney Experience app to check our FastPass+, dining reservations and so much more.

Let’s plan a Disney trip together!

Next you will see your name, if you checked that you will be the only one who will fill out then it is just your name. If you clicked on sharing with others, you will see the people who you invited to view your My Disney Experience Account.

Just me…no friends. Oh, but I will see my friend Mickey soon!

Purchasing Tickets and Accommodations

Step 1: You will be asked if you have Disney Park Tickets or FastPass+.

If you click Yes, you’ll need your tickets, annual pass or purchase confirmation number to complete the next step. Then just press the green button “Link Tickets.”

If you click No, you’ll need to link park admission to your account in order to make FastPass+ selections before you arrive.

Remember, you can make FastPass+ selections up to 30 days prior to the day you will use them with park ticket purchase.

However, if you are staying on Disney property, any Disney Resort, and you have purchased Disney park tickets, you can make your FastPass+ selection 60 days in advance.

Do you have tickets?


This is an example. The prices might not be the current price. I just want to show you what page you will come across next.

We have to make a choice. Disney has 4 unique theme parks that you can purchase tickets to. Think about how many days you will want to visit the parks. If you look at the example ticket prices, the more tickets you buy the cheaper they become. However, when purchasing Magic Your Way Base Tickets they will expire 14 days after their first use. So if you don’t use all of the tickets, you lose it. That way it is important to know exactly how many days you will visit the Disney parks. Also, theses tickets cannot be transferred to any other person.

Step 2. After you select the number of tickets you want depending on how many days you are going to the park, you will be prompted to Select the Number of Tickets. Please note that children younger than age 3 don’t need a ticket.

Step 3. Now you can add things like Memory Maker (I recommend it). I do recommend holding on in purchasing Memory Maker until a few weeks before your arrival.You can add your dining reservations and FastPass+. At 180 days before your vacation, you can making dining reservations. You can either call Disney Dining or use My Disney Experience to make all of your dining reservations. At 60 days, you can make you FastPass+ using My Disney Experience. Read more about FastPass+ in my post A Guide to FastPass+.

I have a My Disney Experience Account

That’s great! Did you know that you can add and edit your daily itinerary? Log on to your My Disney Experience account. From the drop down menu, click My Itinerary.

Here you will see your upcoming vacation.  

Add Plans

Add Plans is a neat little tool in My Disney Experience. You can add things that you want to do in your plans. Please note, that what you add are NOT like FastPass+. It is just notes of what you want to do. It doesn’t guarantee you a good spot for viewing parades or fireworks. If you make a note that you want to go on Seven Dwarf Mine Train, it does NOT mean that you can show a Cast Member the notes and get on through the FastPass line. These are notes to help you plan and navigate through the parks.

Go the Add Plans on the upper right hand corner.

You will see a drop down menu. Go down to Add a Note and click it.

This is a great way of putting events and reservations that does not show up on you My Disney Experience account like a Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or Pirates League reservations. You can also add notes like when you want to take a break during the day and so on. I do use this quite a lot on my Disney vacations.

Add Parks & Places

You can also click on the Add Plans and click on Add Parks & Places. Here you can select which park you will be in and on what day. It is a nice way to keep track of where you are going each day.

Add Parades & Fireworks

You can also click on the Add Plans and click on Add Parades & Fireworks. You can then find they parade or firework show that you want and click “Show In My Plans.”

Add Meet Characters

You can also click on the Add Plans and click on Meet Characters. You can then meet and greets that are available. You can click “Show In My Plans” and add it to your itinerary.

View Schedule


Click on View Schedule.

Here you can see the schedule for the park that you are visiting for the specific date you have selected. This is a great tool so that you can pick what you want to see or do that day. You can add it into your notes.

My Family & Friends List

Here you can add and view your list of family and friends that are traveling with you to Disney. You can also share with them your plans. 

MagicBands & Cards

Here you can customize your MagicBands. You can disable or activate your MagicBands. You can also see and manage the MagicBands of the people in your reservations.

My Wish List is just that a wish list. You can add things that you want to do, see or save for later.

My Disney Experience App

Once you have created a My Disney Experience account, be sure to download the app so that you can have your vacation at your fingertips, almost literally.

When you are at Walt Disney World, having the My Disney Experience app is very important. You can see your planned itinerary, FastPass+ reservations, dining reservations and much more. You can also access the park maps and look at the standby line wait times at the park that you are visiting. To make this even better, Walt Disney World offers free WiFi at all Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts. You will always be able to check your vacation status no matter where you are at Walt Disney World. With that being said, you will need to bring an external battery to charge your phone. Since you will be using it a lot in the parks, it’s a good idea to have a battery charger handy. Look at my post on: Must Have Products for you visit to Walt Disney World.

Now to Step 4 Create a Daily Plan

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