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Packing for Disney can be a bit overwhelming. Plan what you and your family will wear each day and for little kids. Bring an extra set of clothing. You will need to need to pack all your toiletries, comfy shoes, clothes and don’t forget your child’s princess costume!

This packing list is just a list of suggestions. It does not mean that you have to take everything on the list. There are somethings on the list that Disney World Resort provides. However, I listed it there just in case you have certain products they you prefer. For example, Disney World Resorts provide shampoo/conditioner combo. I personally do not like that. So, I like to bring my own shampoo and conditioner. I also have a list of products that I recommend and that I take with me to Walt Disney World.

About the List

Every family is different and everyone’s needs change from year to year. Therefore, I have compiled a list of things that I currently use and have used on my Disney World vacations.
Clothing – Make sure to pay attention to the weather when heading out to Disney. You will need to bring a sweater or a light jacket during the fall and winter months.

Costumes – If you are planning on dressing up your child, make sure to try on their costume while they are still at home to insure that it is comfortable enough for them to wear. Also, you can find great deals on the They run sales and you can buy costumes for 15-25% off the original price. The costume shoes tend to be very uncomfortable for walking at the parks. Try to avoid these shoes. Your children’s feet will thank you. Read more about the

Baby/Toddler – There are few items on the list that some resorts, like all Walt Disney World Resorts, that provide a Pak N Play and swim vests. Just call your accommodations to double check. Bring big Zip Lock bags to store soiled clothes or dirty bibs. These are also great to store the baby food and formula just in case it spills.

If you are renting a stroller, see if a rain cover is included. You can also rent a stroller rain cover. If you it is not included or you don’t want to rent a stroller rain cover, then purchase a shower curtain and some chip clips from the Dollar Store.

Toiletries – After traveling many times to Disney, I found the perfect organization system for toiletries that can easily be hung up in a closet. Not only will you be able to see all of your toiletries but it will also be organized.

Paperwork – Make sure to download the My Disney Experience app to so that you can have your Walt Disney World Resort reservation and dining reservation handy. If you are planning your Disney World vacation on paper, use your phone and take a picture of your itinerary. This makes it easier to access when you are at the parks.
Kitchen Supplies/Food – If you are flying or driving, it is a good idea to order groceries to your resort. You can save money and time. Buying snacks and water can save you some money when visiting the parks. Here are some choices for ordering groceries to your resort/hotel. 12 Ways to get Groceries to Disney World

Theme Park Backpack – This is where you should use your own discretion. Carrying a heavy backpack all day is very tiring. If you need to bring a lot of things with you to the parks, try to find everything in travel size. That will maximize space in the backpack. Don’t forget to bring a poncho. Try buying disposable ponchos that are light and that you can throw away once you are done with it. One of my absolute favorite things to bring is a travel size blanket. It practically weighs nothing, folds very tiny, can be used to sit on the ground for a parade or firework show and it is waterproof.

Water Park Bag – Trying bringing a Zip Lock bag to put your electronics so that it does not get wet. Also, the Zip Lock back is useful to put wet bathing suites so that it does not wet everything in the bag.

Electronics – Since people have a lot more electronics now, some resorts/hotel rooms don’t have enough outlets. Try buying a mini power strip with USB ports. You can charge a lot more and use USB cables. While at the parks, your cell phone might run out of battery quickly when using the My Disney Experience app. Try brining an external battery to charge your phone while you are on the rides and touring the parks.

Pack List For Disney

Here is a PDF of The Awsome Disney World Packing List 2018

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Here is a PDF of The Awesome Disney World Packing List 2017

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